Welcome to the site of the monastic community of the Abbey of San Vincenzo al Volturno

At the foot of the high peaks of the Mainarde Mountains on the peaceful banks and near the source of the River Volturno lies the ancient Abbey of St. Vincent on Volturno, which has been a beacon of faith and culture for the whole valley and wider region throughout the centuries.

Soon after its foundation in AD 703 the Benedictine monks undertook a project of expansion which culminated in a glorious phase at the time of the Carolingian Empire when there was a thriving monastic city on the site.

Such spectacular growth, as impressive as it was, was however followed by a rapid period of decline. In the first half of the 9th century the community, with its imposing monastery, was already beginning to experience the first signs of difficulty.

The brutal and bloody Saracen raid on the monastery in AD 881 was a decisive factor in the destruction of its former glory. Having struggled on for around 200 years they decided to abandon the original site and move to the opposite bank of the river.

As time went on the monks faced many difficulties in their now much smaller community, while on the other side of the river centuries of silence covered over every visible trace of the ancient abbey.

Despite its tempestuous history, the shining light of S. Vincenzo al Volturno has never been extinguished and last century saw the rebirth of the Abbey with the return of a monastic community.

Today the new monastery has welcomed another Benedictine community which is opening another chapter in the rich and eventful story of S. Vincenzo al Volturno, mindful of the words of one of the founding saints, St. Paldone:


“This monastery of the Holy congregation will endure until the end of the world to gather souls.”


Rocchetta a Volturno, Strada Statale 158,
86070 Rocchetta a Volturno IS

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